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Same pictures, same language = same action

This simple formula is the basis for the sustainable success of your company. The morciano global AG has translated this triad into concrete and tried-and-tested concepts and consulting services and summarized them in the overall InLine program.

InLine has a modular structure and includes company-specific initiatives for the uniform alignment of management, communication and culture. The modular approach enables tailor-made programs that quickly have an effect on all levels of the company. The concept underlying the InLine modules enables management teams to translate their visions and missions into effective cross-company strategies, initiatives and measures. The same images and the same messages are carried and anchored in the organization in a consistent and understandable manner.

InLine is a practice-oriented overall management development system that supports you in the implementation of strategic initiatives and demanding change processes. The entire process is tailored to your individual needs and actively supported by morciano global from conception to operational implementation.

Strategic guidelines







need for coordination

target achievement

Operational implementation




The vision is the starting point when it comes to using the same images and the same language to achieve goal-oriented action. The specialists at morciano global AG have extensive practical experience in the conception and implementation of vision processes. As an integral part of InLine, all vision projects are set up to ensure that the next steps of implementation - strategy definition, management system, team development and communication - are already possible during the visioning phase. In this way, visions are defined that can be translated into operational strategies and goals without contradictions.


In addition to visioning, defining the corporate strategy is a demanding process for everyone involved. Experience shows that the real challenge lies in breaking down the strategic guidelines to the operational organizational units. Precisely for this problem, the elements of InLine offer concrete measures and assistance. Together with the executives, the strategic goals are operationalized in a systematized process and anchored in the operational management system in a binding manner. Strategies become goals, goals become actions.

Management system

Every company -consciously or unconsciously - has a management system. The question is how goal-oriented and effective the existing management structures are. With InLine, the existing management system can be checked for its suitability and effectiveness. At the same time, the approach provides concrete indications of how the existing management work can be designed more effectively and efficiently. The specialists of morciano global AG have a broad practical knowledge regarding the introduction and dynamization of classical leadership systems (e.g. MBO) and new agile approaches (OKR).


Communication concept

To build a culture of success based on good leadership throughout the company, contradiction-free internal and external communication is at all levels. The specialists at morciano global AG support you in setting up and operating effective communication structures. The concepts are InLine with the strategic foundations and initiatives of the respective company. On this basis, an intact, credible corporate image is created both internally and externally, which enables the company to stand out clearly from its competitors.

Communication channels

A network of functioning and accepted internal and external communication channels is a prerequisite for the formation and long-term maintenance of a living corporate culture. morciano global AG supports you in setting up and successfully operating internal and external communication channels. In doing so, the current trends regarding new working environments are actively included in the considerations.

Crisis communication

Professional crisis communication begins before the actual crisis occurs. So that you are not surprised by the crisis, morciano global AG offers an integrated crisis preparation package. This analyzes the crisis fitness of the company and defines specific development measures. Integral part of the program, is a 1:1 media training, which is conducted by media professionals. The individual elements of the program are tailored to the specific needs of each company. Specific crisis exercises can be designed and implemented upon request.




A people- and performance-oriented corporate culture is formed primarily from coordinated leadership and contradiction-free communication. In this context, the visible and tangible commitment of the entire management is decisive: "I say what I do, I do what I say. The culture of each company influences successful internal and external activities to a great extent. Against this background, it makes sense to analyze the company's culture in detail. The goal is to bring the existing values, norms and different cultural backgrounds to a common denominator. morciano global AG accompanies you through the entire process and supports you in effectively anchoring the revised key values of the new corporate culture.

Leadership principles

Well-done leadership work ensures the same images, the same language, and thus creates the conditions for goal-oriented and self-directed action. Good leadership is not and must not be a product of chance. Binding and broadly supported leadership principles are required, which place the employee with his or her personality and individual needs at the center. Consistent leadership at eye level is the result of ongoing review of the relevant principles and is a core element of InLine. Based on your vision and strategy, we define the leadership principles together with you and merge them into a leadership system that is effectively and permanently anchored in the entire company.

Team development

Do employees feel connected to their team? Are the framework conditions designed in such a way that the members of a team are satisfied and motivated and that a team can achieve its optimal performance accordingly?


Targeted analyzes as part of InLine provide information about how a team ticks; and what development potential it harbors.



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