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Welcome to morciano global AG

​Business success is no coincidence. It is based, among other things, on the following prerequisites: Leadership-Communication-Culture. For fifteen years, morciano global AG has been working intensively on these three success factors.


The focus is always on the people and their personalities: Only when everyone has the same pictures, the same language will be spoken and actions are taken together in a goal-oriented manner. The morciano global AG is a specialist for sustainable business success.


Based on our certified assessments, you will receive well-founded recommendations if and how applicants fit the required job profile.


We support you in setting up a consistent target and management system.

About us

The history of morciano global AG began in 2007. Get to know us, our team

and our office.


Do you have any questions about our services and products?

Use our contact form or give us a call.

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